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Mission Arts Pottery Studio is open for supervised open sessions with an experienced potter 5 days a week. One of our dedicated volunteer potters will be on hand to offer assistance Mondays (11am-3pm), Tuesdays and Thursdays (5pm-8:30pm), Saturdays and Sundays (10am-2pm). Open to all skill levels. New members, seasonal visitors and beginners are welcome to come and 'play with clay'.

Please note: Although the supervised sessions are open to everyone at all levels of experience (beginners to advanced), the supervised sessions are not designed to be a one-on-one tutorial nor as a substitute for basic introductory level pottery courses and workshops, which are offered from time to time.

Supervisors are on hand to answer your pottery questions to help bring your creative vision to life.

Session Cost:
Mission Arts Members ($7/session)
Non-Members ($15/session)

Session cost includes use of the pottery studio space, equipment and tools under supervision. Cost of clay, glazes & firings are 
additional & vary based on size & type. Tools are also available for purchase.

Our pottery studio can comfortably accommodate up to 8 adults simultaneously, with an adjacent sheltered work area that can accommodate a further 6 adults.

We have two electric kilns (one large Woodrow kiln and one small Harco kiln) and four wheels (including three Venco wheels).

Mission Arts Pottery only sells and fires Stoneware Clay or clay that is suitable for Cone 8-10 oxidation firing. We have the following clay available for purchase: Walkers 10, SES, Terracotta (Mid Fire - Bisqued Only), Buff Raku Sand and Buff Raku Trachite (subject to change). Recycled clay balls (approx. 750-800g) are also available for purchase (clay type is subject to change).

Mission Arts members receive discounted clay pricing.

A range of various glaze colours are available for use during the supervised sessions. Glaze firings are Cone 8-10 oxidation.

Bisque & glaze firings are overseen by our volunteer Kiln Officer and Kiln Assistants.

Mission Arts members receive discounted pricing on bisque & glaze firing costs.
Upcoming Events
Upcoming Events

We invite you to pop in to the pottery studio, drop us a line or follow us on Facebook for more information.
Please like and follow the Mission Arts Pottery Facebook page for up-to-date schedule changes, firings, etc.
A brief history of our pottery group is contained within the Interest Groups History page.